Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who throws a shoe??? Seriously

A shoe, a fitted device which we wear so gracefully upon our natural given walking devices, our feet. Many have thought of alternative ways to use this great invention that shelters our feet, however none have succeeded in a main stream alternative use for these tools we call shoes. Many attempts have been made, such as platform shoes that are also used to hold fish (70s era) and shoes that hold knives and with the tap of the heel, you reveal your secret weapon. However, one man has thought of a most interesting way to express his feelings with his shoe.

Who may this man be you wonder, well its the infamous, and ever great dumb shit, the shoe thrower. As an almighty higher force flowed power through his arm in an effort to swiftly carry out the command of disrespect, Muntadhar al-Zeidi threw his shoe at former President Bush. Well after an utter disgust feeling, I thought to my self, what the hell. Seriously who throws a shoe?

Well, apparently in the arabic culture, it is one of the highest insults for someone to see the bottom of your shoe, or even worse, get one thrown at you. Well, understanding that, may I wish my shoe thrower that the fleas of a thousand camels infest the area of his genitalia. Hows that for disrespect aye.

Its bad enough that the funny man threw the shoe, but what a coward. He throws it at a President who brought Iraq from a dictatorship, to a place that is trying to ring democracy through every town. Why not throw it at the person who was poisoning his own citizens in North Iraq, or the one who terrorized many to get what he wanted, Saddam Hussein. No, this funny man thinks that a radical leader, who took power by force and caused the suffering of many citizens to be better than leaders chosen by a common vote for the good they are to bring to the country.

This is why democracy fails, one bad egg spoils it all. The stench of those who destroy freedom lingers thought, destroying all efforts to bring good to a once terrorized state, highly controlled by the government. Having family in the military in Iraq, I have heard from them the actual progress that has been made, not media lies with hidden agendas. All you hear about from the media is bad, what went wrong here and there, as they strive towards achieving their hidden agendas, they never show the truth in progress. People are happy, that we have brought democracy, people spit on Saddam’s Statue when it was tore down, however there are still those who are loyal to the radical groups. These are the ones who bring down the efforts of freedom, and the ones you hear about on the news.

At least there has been a publicized progress for the Iraqi shoe thrower, he was convicted to three years in jail and he protested not guilty, but was convicted. Many Iraqi reporters near him attacked him to the floor along with security to show their disagreement with his actions on the day that this incident occurred. So just remember, you may show your disrespect by throwing a shoe, but may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your ass self of a person.


  1. Haha! This was a while ago, but I forgot how funny it was! Seriously, really funny!

    Maybe I’m arrogant, but I simply can’t see where throwing a shoe is insulting. Maybe in Iraq it is a type of insult. But in America, we have freedom of speech, where we can write and say just about anything about the president, or whomever. And that is how we really get at a person. That is just the freedom that we’re trying to bring to Iraq, so maybe they can also have freedom of speech and don’t have to resort to throwing shoes to show disrespect.

  2. I've actually never read about this story. However, it is kind of ridiculous. Showing a shoe at Bush? Really? A lot of things that we would not think that are insulting here in America are very insulting in other parts of the world, so I suppose that he was just doing what he thought was the biggest insult. Interesting.

  3. Who throws a shoe?! Such a good question...
    I don't know about you, but I know I could come up with several different ways to insult someone that are much more effective, and creative I must say, than throwing a stupid shoe.
    And on the note of who this shoe is being thrown at... pick someone who deserves an insult to be hurled at, not someone who is actively trying to help out you and your country.