Friday, April 3, 2009

Beer Pong

The game of the ages, played by many people of all shapes and sizes. As we come to together in unity, armed with cups and beer, the games begin. Beer Pong is the universal party game across all of the nations when it comes to college drinking games. A combination of a bowling type organization with some ping pong skills/hand eye coordination, the game is played with one person to two person teams. Each trying to eliminate the the other persons cups, with cut throat competition. Let the game begin!

Traditionally, beer pong is known as Beirut, but referred to as beer pong among many college students. One would start this game by taking 10 cups, placing them in a christmas tree type order, or that similar to bowling pin order. placing 4, then 3, then 2, then 1. These cups are then neatly placed on a table that measures the regulation length of 8 feet by 2 feet. These regulation sized tables can be customized to the users preference. Many choose to put their school’s logo on it or some design with a personal meaning to it. They can also range from straight wood tables to plastic topped or even ones that light up.

Next, the teams each fill up their cups about 2 and a half inches of beer per cup. This roughly estimates to two beer per ten cups. Some prefer to use more or less depending on the tolerance level of both teams competing and whether this a an informal game or competition level beer pong game. Next the competition begins. First one player from each team looks one another in the eye, while counting to three, then throws. The one to make the ball in the cup without looking at it makes the first throw.

When the first team to throw goes, each member of their two person team throws a ball. Members of the defending team may use a distraction technique as long as they don’t interfere with the path of the ball. If the tossing team makes both of their shots, they get “balls back” which simply states that they are the tossing team again. If your team happens to knock over your own cup by mistake, it is a party foul. You can either drink the rest of that cup, or drink another from your inventory, depending on house rules.

Some of the other rules that can apply are things such as bounces. A team may bounce a ball in order to locate it within the interior of the cup, however the defending team has the ability to swat the ball away from the path of the cup. This would be a defensive technique that is allowed. There are many other house rules that may apply depending on each house that the game is played in.

The main goal of beer pong is to create a social atmosphere that beer lovers can unite in a form of competition to social network as well as consume their beverage of choice, beer. It is found across many college campuses as well as the homes of young adults. Many continue to support the game even if oppressed by universities.

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