Friday, April 17, 2009

Craigslist Sells Sex?

What have we come to this day and age. I once remembered when Craigslist was a vital tool in locating cars and parts and similar for sale items. Now, we have found it entertaining to post erotic services on craigslist, yes erotic services. Craigslist has been on thin ice for a while now as people have used its services as a cover for prostitution and sex rings for sometime now. However, with all of this prostitution going through, I think the violence is now starting to follow the path of these illegal activities. I mean, who would have even thought to use craigslist as a prostitution cover.

Many people have used its services tab to sell companionships or massages. When in all reality the only massages these people are giving out are on you sex organs. Forget the back pain, straight to the genitals for these erotic service sellers. Many also post on there information saying that any money paid is for time spent hanging out and any sexual activity is between mutually consenting adults. Some are even more blunt and just say the prices for their services and say police do not respond to this ad. I don’t think that would be a very successful method but hey give it a shot if thats what your into. Personally I am not into being led into a trap where some prostitute’s midget pimp pistol whips you and steals your cash.

What happen to the good old days of or the sites that say they are for dating but are just for people who want to hook up. Why risk getting caught by the cops for soliciting an illegal prostitute or getting mugged and stuff. This is exactly what happened to one “massage therapist”. Julissa Brisman, was a recent victim of this craigslist violence. Soliciting her “massaging skills” she got connected with a man who set up a time and date. Upon meeting her on that day, it appeared that it was an attempt in robbery by the man. Then a struggle appears to be evident, which ultimately ended up in Julissa obtaining multiple gunshot wounds. These gunshot wounds would be the cause of her demise as she pasted away on the journey to the hospital.

This just goes to show you the extent that our society will go to make a few bucks and market to the horny. When things like this are done, violence seems to follow seeing as many prostitutes are woman and are seen as vulnerable to crime. If you were soliciting some 6’ 5” person that packed a gun and was an ex navy seal or something, I don’t think many would try to rob that prostitute. However, I think that our society sees women as vulnerable subjects and exploit their weaknesses when they put themselves out in situations like this.

This particularly relates to our generation and we as college students because frankly people need to be more careful. That person that you met at the party might not turn out to the be the sweetheart that they appeared to be. When mixing alcohol and social interactions, the more vulnerable people need to be aware that they are at risk and socialize responsibly. Cause you never know who may be taken from this earth from occurrences such as this. The person to create world peace may not be around because someone seen them as a vulnerable target for their benefit.

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