Thursday, April 23, 2009

Interrogation Methods saves lives, Obama does not

Everyday, we wake up, do our thing and then go back to bed. We live our lives in a fear free state. We don’t worry about being blown up, shot at, or attacked. Our lives are protected by our great nation. We have the freedom to do so many things, and our country protects this freedom and keeps us safe. Even though we are in the middle of an ongoing conflict in the Middle East, we have been kept safe by our country and the men who fight for our freedom. 

Throughout the past few years, in particular, the years after September 11, 2001, information regarding terrorist activity and plots against the US have come to the ears of those in the CIA. Our country has apprehended many terrorists in hiding within the border of the US. The techniques that our CIA operatives have used have been proven to be effective in guaranteeing our safety as well as the safety of our nation. However, our beloved President has done it again. Mr. Obama released CIA memos that outline procedures used for interrogation methods. Much of this was confidential information that could be valuable in the hands of those who wish to do us harm. 

Many ex-CIA directors have disagreed with the release of this confidential information saying that it compromises the safety of our country. Much of the information in the memos pertained to techniques used to gain valuable information from terrorists we have apprehended. Such techniques included in the memo were things such as waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and slapping. All of which do not cause severe harm to the subject nor are they found to be illegal by international torture laws. 

Waterboarding consists of simulating a near death type feeling on the subject. Even thought the subject is not harm, by placing a cloth over their face and pouring water over it, breathing becomes very difficult and the feel like their are drowning. This was very successful in getting subjects to “crack” and pass on the information requested by the detaining officer. Depriving the subjects of sleep also helped to crack the person into revealing information. Many critics say that these are morally wrong and do not help to protect our safety. If these techniques are so morally wrong and disagreed with upon a wide scale, then why are our special forces trained to withstand waterboarding and sleep deprivation? Do you think other counties capture people and politely ask them for information?  These are techniques that are used across the board, this is the least that our soldiers should be worried about. But the Liberals on capital hill say its bad.

If you think that these techniques are immoral, the ones that have gained us valuable information to stop further terrorist threats, then you have your priorities mixed up. The safety of our country should surpass your feelings about treating a terrorist with care. Maybe Obama will start to invite terrorists over for tea. How about a cookie Mr. terrorist and tell me what your plans are with this big bomb. 

Even better, now left nut Liberals want to pursue the people that wrote the memos for the interrogation methods used in obtaining information. There is a reason that we haven’t had a mass terrorist attack on our country since 9/11. There are people that do what they need to do to keep our country safe. They do it within the guidelines of the law and do not cause severe physical harm to detainees. Then, the bowing Obama decides we are not going to have this because we are on a moral compass. Then says hey everyone, we don’ t hurt terrorist. George Bush may not have been the smartest, but at least he wasn’t a coward when it came to keeping us all safe. 

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