Friday, February 27, 2009

Jay Walker

Who has even heard of getting a jay walking ticket these days? Doesn’t it sound like a bit of overkill? Kind of sounds like super trooper on a power trip. Well that was the case for a gentleman who was even saving the lives of fellow citizens. Yes, a good Samaritan saving the lives of those in the community that he didn’t even know.
Police issued a ticket to someone who was injured in the act of saving people’s lives. Jim Moffet and another man helped to push three people out of the way from being hit by a truck driver on a snowy evening in Denver. After pushing the people out of harm’s way, he was injured by the truck causing injury to himself. The man suffered bleeding in the brain as well as broken bones and a few dislocated joints. Not a bad price to pay to save the lives of very grateful citizens, however, more empathy from the police officers should have occurred. However, after all of the damage, he is in serious, but stable conditions and has a promising outlook.
After everything was said and done, Moffet ended up with a jay walking ticket for his great deed. Not exactly the reaction he was probably looking for, and in my opinion, a very ridiculous outcome. Here this man saves some peoples live, he helped clean blood off of the pavement and lives spent. The cops don’t see that though, they just see a way to increase their revenue and match their quotas. No Good Samaritan award was giving to Jim, nope not at all. The only thing that he received was a good old ticket for jay walking. Sounds pretty petty to me. The cops would have had to put more effort into picking up the bodies of the ladies that were hit and cleaning up the bodily fluid covered streets, as well as arrest the men driving the vehicle and figure out what happens. However, Jim saved them from all that and yet he still got a ticket.
Seems kind of trivial that after this man sacrificed his body for the safety of fellow citizens, that the cops would have the nerve to give him a ticket for jay walking. Is that a little outdated of a law anyways, how many cops do you see that ticket for that. Are we in a day and age that quotas held by police stations are that important, that increasing their revenue for the department is so bad that we ticket a man who saves lives for jay walking. Wow, you won’t see me moving there anytime soon. Sir, can you please put your hands behind your back, your under arrest for jay walking, also destruction to government property because you stepped on some grass at the park. What a thing to look forward to.
So next time you’re considering saving a few people’s lives from danger and moving vehicles, remember to cross only at the indicated crosswalks and avoid all steroidal napoleon syndrome cops on patrol cause you may be in violation of jay walking.


  1. Wow! That’s pretty ridiculous! I like how you mention the part about how the
    man was actually saving the police work. How they don’t need to clean up their
    mess. I can’t believe that this really happened! There has to be some inside
    story behind this, but honestly I can’t think of any reason to justify giving
    him a ticket. Yea, I guess I do need to be more cautious before I jump into
    the street to save people.

    I bet Purdue could lower tuition quite a bit if they got money from jay walking
    tickets, and if they gave out tickets for jay walking.

    This was really interesting. Good blog!

  2. I can not believe this, although I do have a friend that got a ticket for jay walking. Im not going to lie, when it is late at night and there is not a car in sight, I do not see the harm in walking across the center of the street. Even if it is during the day! If no cars are present, there should not be a problem. I think sometimes you are lucky and meet a nice cop, but the days when you meet the mean ones, you will never forget them. I think in this case the policeman just wanted power, and this was his chance, although it is very wrong!