Friday, February 13, 2009

Phelps swimin with the mad Po Po Shark

After hearing about the alarming activity on the Michael Phelps marijuana case, I thought it would be something hot to discuss here at The Crucible. Have we seriously lost it? Is it the day an age that sprouts overkill cops that take the badge to the head? I though Terminator was a movie, but I think that the Police have adopted Arnold as their role model. Not to be a basher of law enforcement, as my father is a fireman and we have many police friends :-). However, there comes a time where fat heads need to be deflated.

As the media portrays it, Michael Phelps is the devil now. A smoker of marijuana decreases his ability to be a good person, thus they rub his nose in the dirt. Now lets take a look at this, as an ex University of Michigan student, Michael Phelps as well as many others were located in an area where smoking marijuana or possessing an amount suitable for personal use is only a 5 dollar fine. Also, some see marijuana as a less harmful drug than alcohol. Marijuana is used pretty freely among the campus.

Now not to advocate the usage of illegal substances, but come on. As Ashton Kutcher said when standing up for Michael Phelps said, “Ask you 20 year old son or daughter what they were doing last weekend.” Should we crack down as hard as the police did on Phelps for every user of marijuana. Our jail cells would be packed fatter than the joints that they smoked.

Upon gathering information and data relevant to building a case against Michael Phelps, Sheriff deputies from Richland County, SC burst into the 3 homes including the one Mr. Phelps was photographed smoking marijuana. Not only did they burst in unannounced, but with guns drawn like a shootout during high noon with the O K coral. Led by Billy the Kid Leon Lott, sheriff of Richland County, seized everything from computers to cameras in the homes. Maybe a drawer full of man thongs, along with a few rectal exams just in case too!

All in an effort to build a case against the swimmer Michael Phelps, Leon Lott expresses no remorse. However many see this as the most ridiculous use of resources. Shouldn't the police be out solving some real crime. As comedian Kat Williams has said, “weed is not a drug its simply a plant that some people just happen to light on fire. A drug is chemicals and shit.” I am sure that we can find a few more crimes in South Caroline that their finest can be allocating their resources to in order to achieve a more beneficial uphold of the law.

You may not watch the olympics, or even care who Michael Phelps is, but the truth is, watch out. The fatheaded finest (unlike the real police who do their job and keep us safe! The ones I am thankful for.) are on the lookout. Even the smallest sent of good ole mary j will throw them into a frenzy worse than drama filled high school girls “smackin bitches”.

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