Friday, February 20, 2009

Warm weather jetting in!

The weather is warming, or maybe soon to approach. Ah yes, the sweet smell of spring and summer, lingers in the nostrils and tickles the most pleasant of reactions. Does warm weather give you the same reaction? I personally enjoy the warming weather, the feel of warm sun-rays beating down from the aqua blue sky raises the amount of dopamine in body, much like a shot of nitrous in a riced out Honda Civic.

Well, as we all know, spring break is coming up soon. Many have plans for warmer weather, however some have not. Whatever your plan is, fear not. Even warm weather pleasure can be created in the coldest of environments. If your saying no to Florida this year, try a day out with friends to the local tanning beds. If that didn’t even quench your thirst for a warm weather feeling, try day out with the girls, or guys, to the local spa. There you can receive full body massages or maybe even a mud bath to help heal up that deadly winter dryness.

If your saying yes to Florida, then let the rays soak up on you like a sponge filling itself up with bodily enrichment. Maybe a day on the beach with a fruity drink can help relieve your mid semester stressors. Feeling great about yourself and enjoying your time may help to boost your confidence as you sail through the rest of the academic semester while gaining life changing knowledge here at Purdue.

Maybe your thinking post break, what ever will you ever do? Well good old mother has a pretty good schedule. After Spring break the weather is most likely going to warm up hotter than the tires during grand prix week. What this means for a stressed college student is positivity! Thats right, studying outdoors and being with friends in the beloved warmer temperature season can increase your positivity and decrease seasonal depression.

Not only can studying outdoors and enjoying the sunshine raise your enjoyment on campus, there hope for those who have gained the unwanted beer belly. During the warming months, it is an excellent opportunity for all of us to utilize our natural given legs to transport ourselves from location to location. This can result in an increase usage of calories, and toning our sexy legs to reduce our winter blubber.

Therefore, I encourage you, whatever your plans for spring break are to reach out an increase your level of happiness. This can be done in a wide variety of activities pending your location over this period of zero classes. Then upon the return from your absence of academic studies, explore the beautiful campus of Purdue. Whether that is by studying outdoors or just merely using your legs for the pleasure of exercise, have fun! So take that trip to the spa or tanner, and enjoy your beautiful body and relax your mind as we take the first step in our journey to better weather. Or perhaps, jump start it by a trip over spring break.

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  1. Spring break is always a fun time to spend with friends, but the weather is not helping me get in the right mindset for spring break. One day it is snowing, the next day all the snow has melted, and the next day it is ten degrees outside. Unfortunately, I normally don't travel during spring break, but I am still looking forward to seeing old friends and having some time off classes. I really like how you attract everyone by not just specifically talking about those people who are traveling over break. Instead, you talk about different options people have if they are staying at home.