Friday, February 27, 2009

Talk about some steamy coffee

Have any of you ever made coffee naked before. Maybe your just too tired to cloth yourself after a nice night of sleeping in your birthday suit. However, did you know that you could get a job doing just that? A man in Main recently opened up a topless café and is having very good luck with this according to a cnn news article.

At the sound of this you may be a little grossed out, but really its not. The owner Donald Crabtree hired a total of fifteen people to be baristas at his café. Out of this fifteen, ten were women and five were men. He stated that he did not only choose perfect ten people, and that his wait staff varied from skinny to bigger boned people. Before hiring his wait staff, Donald saw a large quantity of application, about 150. I didn’t think that the demand for nudist baristas was that big, but in the day of “CHANGE” as Obama puts it, I guess we can be naked and serve coffee.

Donald said that the amount of customers has been successfully overwhelming and it is nice to see the support of the community on something like this. He is already even seeing regular customers who come in frequently for a cup of brew from the nude. Many of the customers are happy with the new establishment, and their most common customers are couples and women. That knocks out the stereotypes for perverted men to get coffee, Ha. Some of the customers are also very generous with their tips, one barista noted receiving a hundred dollar tip, but on average most make 30 bucks a table.

If they can do it in Maine, why not establish one here in the booming town of West Lafayette, Indiana bringing a little excitement into town. Maybe it would increase our demand for some “hot” brew. It wouldn’t even be that hard, we have the customer base many college kids need their caffeine to stay up and study fluid dynamics and hand eye coordination as well as study. Also, many professors like to have a good old cup of brew before that power hour lecture. So why not get it with some flair?

Not only could this provide enjoyment to those coffee seekers, but it could also provide employment opportunities to college students without a job and for those that like to show a little skin. Even the older crowd may like to see some young buff dude serving grandma her latte. This would not only provide positive economic perks, but even emotional ones. Maybe you’re just having a bad day, a recent break up with that sweet heat and you miss the buss. Whatever should you do? Well just grab a cup of coffee from a half naked person and increase your serotonin levels!

So just remember, next time your thinking about coffee or just mulling over a boring day, that if we established a topless coffee shop your day could be more enjoyable. If all else fails though, you can always move to Maine and enjoy a latte served by a topless barista.

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